When most people think of landscaping, they think about hardscaping and landscape plants. However, one area you shouldn’t overlook is quality landscape lighting. Home and landscape lighting brings out architectural features of your home, makes it safer and more secure, provides lights illuminating your outdoor living space, or providing curb appeal for your front door. 

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Here’s a quick look at landscape lighting benefits so that you can consider what you’d like to do for your home’s exterior style.

Improve safety and security.

Though many people add landscape lighting to their outdoor areas as part of their lighting designs, it’s easy to see in a short period of time that it also boosts your home’s safety and security. With a well-lit exterior, it’s easy to see everything around the front of your home, from ice that can cause you to slip to someone waiting to do you harm. This allows you to feel safer in your home.

Upgrade your home’s appearance.

Exterior lighting adds drama to your home, showing off the architectural features of your home, making it easy to turn an ordinary home into a showpiece. Something as simple as adding a number of floodlights can do a wonderful job of showing off your home and landscape. Specific spotlights can provide a special focus of interest, showing off amazing stained glass, a dramatic entry door, or other outstanding features.

Create a focus on specific areas of the landscape.

Quality landscape lighting services know how to use lighting to create focus, allowing you to showcase a particularly lovely fountain, statue, plant, or another notable part of your home’s exterior. This allows you to control what is noticed and what is ignored in your landscape to the best possible effect, making it a great option for adding to your home’s style.

Ease of use.

Have you ever gotten home late at night and fumbled around in the dark or under the light of your smartphone to unlock the door? Maybe you dropped items in the process, breaking fragile items or damaging groceries. Outdoor lighting adds curb appeal to your front door and making it much more safe, secure, and easier to get in and out of your home without a lot of fumbling around in the dark.

Extend the length and season of outdoor spaces.

If you’re like many people, you want to be able to enjoy your home’s outdoor spaces long after the sun sets, especially during the spring and fall when the days are shorter, or on long summer nights when you’re hanging out with friends and family. Adding outdoor lighting makes it easy to be able to enjoy the great outdoors many more hours over the year.

Add value.

Did you know that 90% of prospective home buyers find exterior lighting either essential or desirable? This makes an investment in landscape lighting a great decision. Though you may not be considering a move at the moment, making a smart investment in your home helps you increase its value when you do decide to make a change.

Implementing Landscape Lighting in the Overland Park Area and Beyond

When it comes to implementing amazing landscape lighting Overland Park KS homeowners and others in the greater Kansas City area turn to Pfeiffer Landscaping. Our experienced team can help you turn your home’s outdoors into a beautiful paradise, delivering as much dedication and quality to every job as we did on our first project. If you’re ready to make a change to your home’s exterior, we’re ready to help, just reach out today to get started.

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