When it comes to yard drainage, homeowners in the KC area can run into some serious issues. Poor landscape drainage can cause a wide range of issues, from making your yard boggy when there are heavy rains to standing water that can increase your mosquito population and allergy problems. But what are your options to fix your drainage issues? Whether it’s adding French drains or going with other drainage solutions, there are a number of reasons why you should add drainage systems to your outdoor living spaces.

Reasons to Add Yard Drainage

1. Eliminate Standing Water

Saturated soils can cause ponding or a buildup of moisture on top of the surface of your water. By adding drainage to your yard, you can ensure that water that falls on your property is safely carried away, preventing it from building up and turning your yard into a muddy mess.

2. Reduce the Growth of Moss, Algae, and Mold

Excessive moisture will encourage the growth of these plants and organisms, which can create an unhealthy environment and trigger allergy attacks when you should be able to enjoy your home’s natural outdoors. Adding drainage changes the damp environment to reduce these organisms’ growth.

3. Prevent Erosion

Erosion is caused when water flows in excess, causing enough force to tear bits of dirt free from the soil surface and carry it away. This can clog waterways and reduce the nutrients in your soil, causing problems with your landscaping. Draining this water in a controlled fashion prevents erosion.

4. Protect Foundations and Prevent Basement Flooding

When water is trapped near your home’s foundation, due to saturated soil conditions, that water can infiltrate your foundation walls and cause flooding in your basement. French drains and foundation drainage help clear up these issues and prevent future flooding and damage.

5. Ensure Healthy Landscaping Growth

It’s a little-known fact that plant roots require air to thrive. Waterlogged soils can actually kill your landscaping plants, costing you time, effort, and money to replace them, costs that will be lost again if you don’t fix the drainage issues that caused the problems in the first place.

6. Reduce Mosquitos

Still water, such as what you may have after heavy rains, create an ideal breeding ground for mosquitos, whose larvae require still water to grow to adulthood. By removing these sources of still water, you can reduce the number of mosquitos in your yard and improve your enjoyment.

7. Protect Pavement

Though you wouldn’t think that water can cause problems with your hardscaped surfaces, western Missouri and eastern Kansas have fluctuating winter temperatures that can wreak havoc on your pavement when it’s exposed to saturated soils. Excess moisture can also cause erosion under and around the pavement, weakening its inherent strength.

Yard Drainage Services Kansas City Counts On

By understanding the importance of proper drainage in your yard, homeowners can gain much better enjoyment in their outdoor spaces while protecting their investment in their home. If your home has a drainage issue that needs to be addressed, the experienced professionals at Pfiefer Landscaping can develop a solution that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor spaces again. Please feel free to contact us today for more information, with any questions or to get a quote on improving your home’s water problems.

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