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With the KC metro area continuing to experience hard rainfalls, it's essential to address drainage issues to protect your property.

Dealing with the constant rain has been quite challenging, and we understand how it can create major headaches for homeowners like you. Did you know that for every inch of rain that falls on 1,000 square feet of your roof, it produces over 600 gallons of runoff? With Kansas City receiving nearly 40 inches of rain on average each year, poor drainage can lead to pooling, oversaturated lawns, and leaky basements.

At Pfeifer Landscaping, we take pride in going the extra mile to prevent and fix water issues in your yard. We believe in proper communication and installation from day one, and our dedicated team is committed to exceeding your expectations.

Our Main Services


One of the best yard drainage solutions is fixing the grade of your soil by letting gravity do the work. This allows water to drain freely away from your home's foundation or problem areas in your yard.

Downspout Diversion

Puddling near downspouts is a common issue. Burying downspouts away from the foundation, ideally 6-10 feet, using buried PVC downspout extensions to direct water drainage away from your home.

French Drains

In areas with excessive water accumulation, we can install French drains. These trench systems act like sponges, collecting surface water and redirecting it to a different location, alleviating the problem.

Ready To Fix Your Drainage?

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