If you’re considering updating your home’s outdoor spaces, you may be wondering what’s new for Kansas City landscape design. At the same time, you want to make a change that creates a beautiful outdoor space you can really enjoy during your downtime. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best of new trends for outdoor living this year, so that you can make changes that will work well for years to come.

What’s New in Landscape Design?

Go native.

Native plants are a great option to consider because they require a lot less care than non-natives that may require more care due to different water, sunlight, and similar factors. They look great, are easy to maintain, and will often come back year after year, making them a great option for a native landscape group.

Embrace secluded serenity.

Having a serene spot in your yard has been a goal for many homeowners over the years, but this trend adds seclusion to this option. Consider adding a water feature behind a wall of bamboo, add a hedge around your retreat or add fencing to make it more private.

Make it low maintenance.

Who wants to work all week just to spend all their downtime keeping their yard looking great? Low maintenance landscaping design allows you to focus your energy on what you want to, whether it’s grilling the perfect burger or fussing over your herb plants.

Expand outdoor living.

In a continuation of the trends of the past few years, outdoor living will continue to expand. If you’ve been holding back because you weren’t sure where this trend was going, it’s time to get into it with an outdoor kitchen, enjoyable water features, or a pergola with great seating.

Ensure seating comfort.

Speaking of great seating, let’s talk comfort. When you weren’t using your home’s outdoor spaces as much, cheap or poor-quality seating was okay. However, given the amount of time spent at home during the pandemic, it’s time to change up that seating for quality, comfortable outdoor furniture.

Lighting on the down-low.

Being able to see where you’re going after dark is great, but that doesn’t mean that your backyard needs to be lit up like the airport. This year’s trend is downlighting, adding accents and gentle light such as under-stair lights and solar pieces that are more accent than utilitarian.

Add hardscaping.

Along with making your home’s outdoor areas lower maintenance, there’s been a push for adding hardscaping over the past few years. This trend lowers your water bill in the summer, as it limits how much of your yard will need to be watered.

Keep going sustainable.

Solar lights, natives, hardscaping: if you’re noticing a trend, it’s that people are trying to make their yards more sustainable and environmentally friendly. This extends to recycled plastic patio furniture, locally produced mulch, and low-energy lighting.

Call the Professionals

If you need help with landscape design, the experienced professionals at Pfeifer Landscaping are ready to help. We treat every project like our first, giving you solid attention to detail, quality, and dedication throughout the process. Please feel free to reach out today with any questions, for more details, or to schedule a consultation for your next landscaping design project in the greater Kansas City area.

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