Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

Unfortunately, no one has been able to come up with a self-trimming plant or a self-respecting weed that knows when to walk away, but…we are the closest thing! Properly trimmed plants, fresh mulch, and weeding are essential to every landscape.


When it comes to your landscape, its bound and determined that plants will grow, mulch will fade, and those pesky weeds will still find a way to survive. 

It’s easy to tell the difference between a quality landscape maintenance and a rushed landscape “fix”. Landscaping has many moving parts and is more than just the initial project install. At Pfeifer Landscaping, we know that the key to a successful landscape project is not just the joy of a completed project, but the ongoing enjoyment that carries on year after year.  Those fine details – fresh mulch, healthy trimmed plants – are the key to ensuring years of continued beauty in your landscape.

Our promise to you.

  • We will get the mulch 3 inches thick to help prevent weed growth.
  • We will take the time to sweep the mulch off the pavements and wash it down.
  • We will make nice professional looking cuts on your plants.
  • We will have the knowledge to know which plants get trimmed.
  • We will take the time to pick up all the plant clippings and not just the big ones.
  • We will actually pull the weeds, and not just cover them with mulch.

 This is your yard, your pride and joy. We will treat it like that.

Landscape Maintenance Includes:




Leaf Removal

Coming soon- Mowing! 



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