Looking for a place to enjoy the outdoors and create more memories with family and friends?


Old weathered deck nearly falling apart, standard concrete slabs, vast expanses of boring grass, and our personal favorite – three, small circular stepping stones…we’re guessing if you clicked on this link it is likely one of these describes your current situation!

It doesn’t have to anymore – updating outdated landscapes is our passion! Transform that standard concrete slab into the patio of your dreams. Everyone loves enjoying the great outdoors with family and friends and Pfeifer Landscaping can help achieve that for you. We start with a computer generated drawing of your potential space then turn that into reality. Within no time, you’re hosting that Royals watch party you’ve been promising! Pfeifer Landscaping has years of experience designing and installing any and all hardscaping options for your home.

Freestanding Walls

Free standing walls are more commonly used around patios because it helps divide different areas. They are perfect for extra seating and creating contrast next to a natural landscape. If you’re looking for a custom patio design, a freestanding wall can help promote the continuation of the indoor-outdoor feel as you walk through the door of your house onto your new patio.


Fire Pits/ Fireplace

Fire features are an excellent way to add value, warmth, and light to your landscape! They add a stunning visual effect to any outdoor living space and bring style and beauty to your yard. An outdoor fireplace creates an intimate setting where small groups can gather and a fire pit can help create a cozy feel even with a large social gathering. We can help you consider space and budget concerns when deciding what type and size of fire feature would work best for you.


Paver Patios/Walkways

Pavers are a great way to bring in more color skews, character, texture and depth to your landscape. Patios are literally the building blocks upon which your new outdoor living space is built. Pavers can lay the foundation for a full fledged outdoor kitchen with a pergola for shade or extend the entertainment area you want to create.



Outdoor lighting systems have many benefits that extended further than just increasing the value of your home. It creates an added visual effect to your landscape and can make a space seem bigger. It amplifies the beauty of your landscape, adds safety to your property and ensures you can enjoy your new outdoor space even after dark. To learn more about our professional outdoor lighting services. Click here!


Retaining Walls

Hills and slopes can make any yard or landscape very difficult to maintain. A retaining wall can transform these problem areas into visually appealing functional spaces. They helps prevent soil erosion, assist with flood control and can also be used to install a raised planter or raised landscape bed. A short retaining wall adds depth to your yard making the addition of attractive plants or even water features extra special.

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