Ridgeline Drive

Project Information

Location: Louisburg, KS

Service: Lawn Maintenance

Date: Annual Spring Project

Highlight: The before and after when doing a clean up never gets old!

Project Description

Maintaining your yard can be just as important, as the initial install itself. In order to keep your landscape updated, you must spend a little time on them each year. All the little things such as trimming the plants, pulling the weeds, refreshing the mulch are what make your yard stand out from the rest!

Project Detail

Your own beautiful yard is one of the most relaxing places to hang out. Sip on that cup of joe, kick back and read a book, or just relax and catch some rays. Maintaining that yard though…eh, not so relaxing. The unfortunate news is that even the most basic landscape needs a little TLC each year.

We've been lucky enough to call this particular individual a client for awhile now. Landscape design and installation is our specialty, but we know that a key part of any beautiful landscape is maintenance. We don't look to flood the market and try and snag every potential landscape maintenance account. Instead we build relationships with new and existing clients that continue year after year.


Each year this client calls us in need of a thorough spring clean up. We come in, trim all the specific plants that need a "haircut"- as we like to call it,  re-shape the edging lines and pull any and all weeds. What this client appreciates the most is that we will install new mulch, 3" thick, to help reduce future weed growth with the added bonus of a fresh looking landscape.


Attention to detail and thoroughness are two of the biggest factors with maintenance. We always go the extra mile and spend the extra time to pick up even the smallest clippings and blow out the bed debris. People love that we wash down the pavement when we are finished, making it look like we were never even there!


Year after year we continue to provide outstanding landscape maintenance service to our long term clients!

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