Reeds Road

Project Information

Location: Mission Kansas

Service: Drainage Solutions

Date: Fall 2017

Highlight: Saving another basement from water!

Project Description

Kansas City rains can be a blessing and a curse. Home foundations and basements can take the brunt of the pain which was the case with this project. We put a design together to fix the grading, reroute the gutters, and install a french drain to keep this basement dry when those thunderstorms roll in!

Project Details

Good ol' Kansas City- How much we love you! And how about those good ol' Kansas City rains- How much we love you too! Oh, wait…no one says that last one? I mean sure, we do love the occasional rain, but the severe thunderstorms that dump eight inches within 2 hours? Not so much.


One of the benefits of having company trucks with logos is they are essentially moving billboards. And this was a time where those moving billboards paid off! We had been working on a project in this clients area for quite some time when she saw our trucks on the jobsite and decided to stop by. Owner Dexter Pfeifer was on site working and able to speak with her immediately to discuss her issues. She had mentioned that they tried calling another company but couldn't get them to return her calls.  Like every Kansas city homeowners worst fear- she was getting water in her basement.


We set up a initial meeting date and came by to analyze the current structure of the yard. We discussed the low spots that were causing pooling next to the foundation. The gutters needed extended as they were dumping water from the roof directly into the low spots of the yard.


We put together a CAD drawing of our ideas on how to fix the issues. The first thing that needed to be addressed was bringing in dirt, and fixing the grade levels next to the house. This would eliminate the pooling and allow water to run away from the foundation naturally. We installed a french drain to pull any surface water away from the foundation and direct it out and away. The gutters that use to dump directly next to the foundation were now rerouted underground with a 4" PVC pipe system.


Whenever you're trying to take water from point A to point B you need a 1-2% drop in slope. In order to achieve this we had to go under the fence and take the pipe an additional 50' through the backyard. When you are dealing with drainage solutions, there are no shortcuts. Sometimes you get lucky and don't have to go through drastic measures.


Many companies stick a pipe to the gutter, dig a small trench and say- "your good!" We all know that issues will come back. Taking the time to analyze the property and how you can achieve the correct drop in slope is the key with any drainage solution.

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