Noland Road

Project Information

Location: Lenexa, KS

Service: Landscape Design/Build

Date: Spring 2017

Highlight: The unique placement of the moss boulders!

Project Description

20 year old 10 foot tall Mugo Pine had served its purpose and these clients were ready for a fresh start. We put a design together that eliminated the Mugo and added more features that will last a lifetime! Our goal was to create a low maintenance design but keep today's modern look and trends!

Project Detail

You hear us talk about outdated landscapes all the time. But what exactly is a outdated landscape? Outdated landscapes are landscapes that were at one time, the envy of the block. They are landscapes that look like they haven't been touched in years. They are the landscapes that need a good ol renovation, like NOW!


This particular client stumbled across one of our advertisements, and reached out stating they had a issue with an older landscape. When we arrived at the initial consultation meeting, there was one thing that caught our eye immediately. A massive 10' tall mugo pine, smack dab in the corner of the driveway.


Our immediate recommendation was to remove the mugo pine. Not every client knows exactly what they are wanting, they just know they need something different. That is why before every install we always provide a thorough design. Although the large Mugo Pine was one of the main issues, the remaining portion of the landscape was a perfect example of an outdated landscape. We provided this client with a design that they instantly loved.


When we analyzed the layout of the yard and the previous landscape, we were able to keep the same flow and outline but add a more modern look with today's colors and material. This particular project had a long driveway and our goal was to soften the length of the driveway by adding plants down the side, along with other landscaping goodies! We wanted to create a low maintenance landscape that would last for years.


There was already a natural edging line that had been invaded with weeds and creeping grass. We installed steel edging to eliminate any weed growth into the new landscape beds. Boulders are one of the best ways to grab people's attention, and bring their eyes to your landscape. We installed a 2,000 pound boulder where the old Mugo Pine once was and wrapped tons of color around it. Beneath all the mulch we installed a thick weed fabric to prevent any future weed growth along with a Rainbird drip system! When we discussed all the potential plant options, one request was to incorporate double knockout roses and we did just that. Five double knockouts were installed running down the length of the driveway which would provide unbeatable color during the summer months.


Landscape design/build is our passion. We feel every client who works with us sees how much we care about the end result and customer satisfaction!

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