Fredrickson Drive

Project Information

Location:  Olathe, Kansas

Service: Hardscaping

Date: Fall 2016

Highlight: Dynamic Outdoor Lighting

Project Description

Everyone dreams of having that five star patio retreat. You know, the one with tons of entertainment space, retaining walls, outdoor lights, and landscaping. Well, that's exactly what this family got! We transformed a standard concrete slab into an outdoor living space full of natural color and this family calls is - they're outdoor family room!

Project Detail

Many cities and areas in the KC metro are expanding at a rapid pace, which is great for our city! Newly built homes are a great contributor to the thriving market yet many of these newly built homes don't include that dream landscape you've always wanted. They are basic landscape builds that include grass and a slab of concrete in the backyard. Now, how are you supposed to host that large royals watch party on that?!


These particular clients had recently moved to Olathe and purchased this home knowing they would eventually want a backyard makeover. The 10X10 slab just wasn't cutting it. They wanted a place to enjoy the outdoors and create lasting memories with family and friends.


After multiple meetings to discuss their vision, budget and time constraints, we came up with a plan that we all felt would be the best approach. We took the time to map out the potential patio and retaining walls to help them get an idea of the flow and size of their new entertainment zone and came up with a design that captured every detail they imagined.


When designing a entertainment zone a couple things we always take into account is how many people you envision using this space and the ultimate intended goal for the space. For this particular client, a larger patio area with free standing retaining walls and columns for extra seating was needed to suit their desire for the space. We incorporated the three main beams from the existing deck to create beautiful stone columns.


The columns and free-standing wall not only added a natural element to the patio, it also provided functionality by giving them an additional 20 feet of seating. We built low-volume, outdoor lighting into the wall to extend the evening get togethers late into the night! The lighting also added focal points and security to the backyard while making the space feel larger after dark. By adding berms for dimension and three large moss boulders as focal points,  we were able to highlight their favorite aspect of the landscape - the lighted birch tree they had always pictured in their dream landscape. The landscaping around the newly built patio and walls pulled everything together and gave this makeover the ultimate exclamation point!


Installing a new patio will add square footage to your home while increasing its value along with creating memories that will last a lifetime!

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