Earnshaw Street

Project Information

Location: Shawnee, KS

Service: Landscape Design/Build

Date: Summer 2017

Highlight: The 4-8" cobblestone as you walk down the steps!

Project Description

After seeing the results of a neighbors house that we had recently landscaped, this client called us to update her landscaping in the front yard of her home. We put together a design to meet a budget while achieving a look that she is proud to have as part of her home. We were able to include material that was already on her property and included low maintenance plants into the design!

Project Detail

You always hear the expression "your home is a reflection of yourself". But what's the first thing everyone sees when they pull up to your home? Your yard! But, life gets busy and sadly- the yard takes the brunt of the pain. Weeds take over, mulch fades, plants are no longer tightly trimmed and your home no longer truly reflects yourself.


This was unfortunately the case for this particular client. Although her backyard looked like something straight out of a magazine, she always knew she would probably have this troublesome front yard relandscaped down the road. At one time she had a "professional" landscape company work on this same area but wasn't pleased with the results or the customer service.


We were very fortunate to cross paths with this client. We had been working on her neighbors yard for a couple weeks and she noticed our great work and attention to detail which led to giving us a call. From day one, she was more than impressed with our communication and reliability compared to the other company she once hired. Owner Dexter Pfeifer presented her with two designs to choose from based of price and different material. After one more final redraw we agreed on a beautiful design that would not only add color and character, but reflect her style and home the way it should be.


There was already a natural curve from the old landscape that we wanted to recreate but move out further into the yard. There was a soft hill that could sometimes be difficult to mow. By moving the new edging line out we eliminated the troublesome mow spot and added more attractive focal points to the yard.


She already had 3 beautiful moss boulders that we incorporated back into the design. We love making boulders the focal points of the landscape by adding in color around them to make everything pop. She had a very low spot next to her retaining wall that was actually creating some pooling of water. In order to fix this and make the landscape stand out more we added a three foot tall berm of dirt and emphasized its size by sticking a 2,000 lb boulder in the center! We have a unique way of softening up large landscape areas but reducing the amount of mulch by adding a 4-8" cobblestone rock in its place. This brings in more attention and color to the landscapes.


Since this initial project, we have been back for more projects! To us this is the ultimate thank you of a job well done because it means you were more than happy with our services the first time!

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