Charlotte Street

Charlotte Street
Project Detail
  • LocationShawnee, KS
  • ServiceLandscape Design/Build
  • Date: Summer 2017
  • Highlight:Flower pot as a main focal point!
Project Description
After a bad thunderstorm damaged a 20 year old redbud tree, this client decided it was time to do a full yard makeover! We removed that damaged tree and made a beautiful flower pot the new center piece of the landscape bed. We used 4-8” cobblestone rock as a natural edging to add more character and color to the yard!



We live in a city full of beautiful, rich, colorful and elegant landscapes. But over time, it is not uncommon to see these once luxurious landscapes slowly dwindle down. We call them “Outdated landscapes”.

The client on this Shawnee project has used us to give her yard a thorough spring clean up each year. Before our annual clean up for the 2017 season, this client called and addressed a larger situation. The 20+ year old redbud tree that had centered her landscape bed leading up to the driveway, had split in half during last night’s storm.

So we quickly sprung to action. We met with her, and walked through her goals, and visions. This soon turned to a full yard makeover. We addressed many of the outdated issues and how we could add more color and pop to the new landscape but yet keep the elegant natural look she craved for.

Our goal is to be as creative and practical as we can. We try to bring new looks and stay away from the “cookie cutter” landscapes you see being installed yard to yard. It would’ve been easy to simply cut down the tree and replace it with another redbud but where’s the fun in that! We decided to bring a element that would last a lifetime, and can be adjusted for every season of the year!

We added dirt to create a berm which would give the landscape height and character. In the center of the landscape berm (where that old tree use to be) we installed a beautiful four foot free standing flower pot which was wrapped with color from perennials, azaleas and hydrangeas! Instead of metal edging we installed a four to eight inch colorado cobblestone rock to give a nice crisp clean line between the grass and mulch!

Another happy customer!