Landscape Design/Build

What We Do

Every successful landscape starts with a budget and a plan. Each design we craft has one thing in common…YOU. Dexter will meet with you to discuss your goals and what you would like to achieve with your yard – a backyard retreat, a cozy outdoor living space, or a one-up on the Jones’s! You will receive a digitally generated, full-scale colored design of your yard within 1-2 weeks. We will then meet once more to walk through the scope of the design and make any requested changes. After approval we will schedule a time for install. Now the fun begins!
We are confident you’re going to love your design, however, the EXECUTION of your design is where Pfeifer Landscaping separates itself from the competition. We will install your landscape with attention to every detail – even those details that are never seen. You can have confidence that no corners will be cut, no shortcuts taken, and not one inch of your project will be treated as less important than another. Have the peace of mind knowing Dexter will be working with you on ALL phases of your project.

Benefits of Landscaping

Good for the environment
Landscaping cools the earth along with being great for the air and water.
Outdoor Living
Adding a patio or entertainment area extends the space of your home creating another living area!
Curb Appeal
Your landscaping is the first thing guest see when they drive up to your home.
Increase the value of your home!

Update Your Outdated Landscape!

Are those outdated shrubs taking over the house? Do you look out the window and see nothing but grass?

Landscape design and build have been the building block to our success since 2014. Our key to success is simple, we love landscaping. Owner, Dexter Pfeifer, truly enjoys the entire process from the initial meeting down to the final walk through. Your home is a reflection of you and your style and your yard is the first thing people see. Let us help you make a good, ever so important, first impression! Our specialty is updating outdated landscapes or outdated landscape designs. Outdated landscapes range from aging shrubs that look like they are hanging on for dear life and weeds that have become a part of the landscape to a newly built home with a wide expanse of grass and not a tree in sight. Regardless of the current state of your yard, we can help you achieve your end goal. Our priority is to make the process as enjoyable for you as it is for us and we know that starts with outstanding customer service.

Do any of these before photos look familiar?

If so, it's time to update!

More Landscaping Photos!